[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [MoveIt!] MoveIt! Maintainer Meeting Recap - February 28 2019

Dave Coleman via Discourse.ros.org ros.discourse at gmail.com
Fri Mar 1 06:45:42 UTC 2019

# Agenda

* [Releasing MoveIt! 1.0 and master branch](https://github.com/ros-planning/moveit/issues/1326)

* MoveIt 2.0 - [Milestones](https://github.com/ros-planning/moveit2/milestones)

  * Acutronic's sponsorship (Victor)

  * General migration logistics

  * Logging in ROS 2

* Finalizing changes to [moveit_msgs](https://github.com/ros-planning/moveit_msgs/pull/46) - add seed trajectories to MotionPlanRequest

* [Clang-Tidy strategy](https://github.com/ros-planning/moveit/issues/28) (Bryce / Yu)

* Auto-assigning reviewers to new PRs

* Tesseract-related Collision Checking improvements as discussed at ROSCon with SwRI

* moveit_grasps

* maintainer email list

# Attendees

* Dave Coleman

* Robert Haschke

* Vctor Mayoral Vilches

* Jorge Nicho

* Mike Lautman

* Gijs van der Hoorn

* Bryce Willey

* Nathan Brooks

* Andy McEvory

* Yu Yan

* Simon Schmeier

* Rob Coleman

# Discussion

Notes taken by @VictorLamoine: 

- Welcome/intro from developers

- Discussion about some issues with MoveIt! 1.0 regarding an upcoming release, 

- Discussion about MoveIt! 2

  - Vctor hopes to get moveit_core ported in OS X and Ubuntu by the end of this week

  - Important to keep the existing CI infrastructure

  - Iterating on small spirals for now, making sure submodules compile

  - Logging being discussed at https://github.com/ros-planning/moveit2/issues/21. Input is welcome

  - Dave asked if developers had comments about our approach

  - Discussed the compatibility between moveit and moveit2, eventually we'll diverge due to some changes

  - (personal comment) it'll help a lot getting some additional insight on those changes so that we all can help

  - Dave shared his insights about maintaining compatibility by making active use of ROS bridges.

  - Vctor shared that approach already works fine and has been used by their team for a while

- Discussion about moveit_msgs

- Having a faster response time to PRs was discussed. Assigned PRs by categories/expertise to reduce the level of noise and allow maintainers to focus

   -  https://github.com/ros-planning/moveit/pull/1367

  - Dave will make an initial proposal

- Tesseract-related collision checking into moveit discussion

  - Dave pointed out they want to keep themselves independent to evolve faster

  - Ongoing work seems to be happening at https://github.com/ros-industrial-consortium/tesseract

- Mike working on https://github.com/PickNikRobotics/moveit_grasps, allows to generate grasp candidates

  - for now working for cuboids

  - aiming to merge it in the core moveit repo

- Robert mentioned that they've been working on a multi-gripper solution also backed by yaml files, he said that the community will have several options for grasp generations


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