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> To achieve the above the msgs might be needed everywhere (I havent looked in depth as to whether theyd be needed on Rviz yet), so it might be beneficial for them to have their own repository.

I can see the argument for that. However I can see the argument for having message packages where they are most used or produced, as well. Another thing to consider is having one single package that is depended on by everything else. This can potentially get annoying when that single package changes. (I cant remember and ROS2 doesnt compile on my iPad so I cant check, but I recall that all messages in a package get compiled into a single library.) So even if they all go in a separate repository then we still may want to put them in separate packages.

Also, remember that having things in a repository does not change how much binary you put on a target. Thats determined by what you actually compile and use.


Agreed with the above, what I tried to highlight is that we would need a way to compile/install just the messages in the visualising machine as opposed to having to build the whole Autoware stack for the sole purpose of handling/visualising the embedded device where the actual nodes would be running.

[quote="gbiggs, post:9, topic:8139"]

If rviz is going to display the message, it needs access to the message.


I meant that I haven't looked into whether the current rviz setup actually needs any of the custom messages or if it just using standard ROS messages for the visualisation.


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