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[quote="esteve, post:18, topic:7735"]

For example, ROS2 has no official DDS vendor, but theres a default one that users can just assume will work well in most cases. Users are still free to use another DDS vendor if they want (e.g. they already have a license, their usecase is very specific, they want to run ROS2 on an unsupported OS/platform, etc.)


@esteve @German_Ros @zelenkovsky   thanks for your replies but lets stop here discussing about licenses. Instead I suggest for AWF to hire a lawyer that can read Unreal, Unity and LG licenses and come back with the legal advice that would also include answers to all of the questions above. Do you agree?

Instead  lets move back to the technical discussion and get to the bottom of questions like this: https://discourse.ros.org/t/simulation-software-requirements/7735/15.

In addition @German_Ros wrt your 

[quote="German_Ros, post:10, topic:7735"]

* CARLA is integrated with AutoWare


Where is the integration code and some tutorials? Because I could find nothing in https://github.com/CPFL/Autoware or https://gitlab.com/AutowareAuto/AutowareAuto.


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