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Sun Mar 17 07:44:28 UTC 2019

For what it is worth, I decided not to consider using Unreal or Unity in rviz (when we were porting to ROS 2) partially due to the same license uncertainty. If it's not licensed under something recognized by the OSI (https://opensource.org/), then it's not sufficient for us. Now, if it's optional that would be ok by me, and the ignition-rendering API may allow us to do something like that in the future (where something like Ogre3D or directly using OpenGL is the default, but Unreal is an alternative).

[quote="German_Ros, post:27, topic:7735"]
After several conversations with Epicgames, what it seems to be their near goal is to tap into this new sector of autonomous driving robotics. So, they are planning to find formulas to monetarize UE4 there, probably with new licenses or business models. But that is yet to be discovered.

That sounds like they'd be moving towards a solution that is less acceptable for a top-to-bottom OSS stack, for those who care about that. Which was one of my concerns when initially evaluating it, that they were more likely to change their license to be further away from an OSI approved license rather to one that is approved. So you'd then be locked in to some degree into a proprietary solution.

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