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@zelenkovsky, where is your information coming from? May you be misinterpreting UE4 licensing? There are already people selling cloud services around CARLA and they are not paying any fees to Epics. 

Have you checked with a group of industrial lawyers? We have had these conversations many times for many projects and partners. I think it is not as simple as reading through the license. You need the right legal background to interpret the license. Has your legal team looked into that recently?

Regarding the free software being free as in freedom we all agree :) 

In any case, the whole proposition value has always been "nobody tries to sell CARLA". If a given party can sell a service or product done with/over CARLA without selling CARLA. In fact, many companies are doing that at the moment. This model seems to work. 

So overall, I understand your concern, since we had it too before starting the project. However, after many discussions with different legal teams, we are confident this model works.

After several conversations with Epicgames, what it seems to be their near goal is to tap into this new sector of autonomous driving robotics. So, they are planning to find formulas to monetarize UE4 there, probably with new licenses or business models. But that is yet to be discovered.

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