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Author: User discussions
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Subject: Re: [ros-users] Odom in rviz

Normally, an odometric frame attempts to track the robot's position in the
world, so I wouldn't expect it to show up inside of the robot's body in
rviz. It might start there, but shouldn't remain there over time and it will
drift depending on the accuracy of the sensors used for odometry on your
robot. The map frame is also a global frame and, typically, seeks to account
for the drift the odometric frame experiences using some sort of
localization. So, long story short, I'm not surprised that you're seeing the
"odom" frame outside of the robot body in rviz.

Hope all is well,

On Jan 24, 2011 7:47 AM, "abhy" <> wrote:
> Hello,
> We have a tf set up like,
> /map->/odom->/base_footprint->/base_link->/base_laser_link
> We are building a map.
> We are taking encoder values from encoder and accordingly planning X, Y,

> positions in odometry and publishing on /odom. (Current position of the
> robot)
> When we see in rviz, all other links
> /base_footprint->/base_link->/base_laser_links are together moving exactly
> like robot physical moving. Map is our fixed frame in rviz.
> but, /odom is not with the robot base footprint. According to logic it
> should display a current position of the robot so, it should be with
> base_footprint. But in rviz /map is pointing to /odom and odom is outside
> robot footprint. Although it is moving but it is pointing /base_footprint
> from outside of the robot body.
> Is that something we are missing in this or is it the right behavior?
> Abhy
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