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Author: User discussions
To: ros-users
Subject: Re: [ros-users] Odom in rviz

Thanks for the clarification. So, going forward is it helping AMCL to
localize robot in the world?

I am asking this because, after building a map we tried to set a destination
for the robot. We could see global plan is properly set but robot is not
following a local plan.
For e.g.: If robot physically pointing towards say north side (sensor north
side) but in rviz it is not showing properly oriented and not even at the
same location in the map where it is physically located. so, position and
orientation both are differing to the real robot and while moving it is
giving jerks and drops the plan since local planner is getting failed. It
seems it is some localization related stuff which is not allowing robot to
get localize properly into the map inspite of giving initial x,y, theta
values in amcl parameters. so, we thought it can be related to /odom.

Is there any settings we have to follow other than this to get localize
robot in to the world and move as per the plan?

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