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Weißhardt, Florian Florian.Weisshardt at ipa.fraunhofer.de
Thu Feb 9 12:49:19 UTC 2012



I am currently releasing updated stacks into electric and I noticed that I am generating emails for people who aren't involved in the release process at all.


To be more clear: I released a new version of cob_common and cob_driver, my ROS_EMAIL ist fmw at ipa.fhg.de, but the notification about Success or Failure seems to be send not only to me, but to all people who committed something. Some Email-Addresses are even invalid like robot at cob3-4-pc1 etc. I didn't realize this behavior for the last releases I did.


What is the purpose behind it? For me it seems more clear to only send an email to the person who is in charge of the release and not to all people who participated some time ago.


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