[Ros-release] how to migrate 4-month-old GBP repo to latest bloom?

Jack O'Quin jack.oquin at gmail.com
Sat Jul 20 17:48:21 UTC 2013

On Sat, Jul 20, 2013 at 12:27 PM, William Woodall <william at osrfoundation.org
> wrote:

> That is a funky state indeed. This is what I would do to fix this up:
>    - git co master
>    - git rm -rf ./*
>    - git commit -m "Clean up of master branch"
>    - git push origin master
>    - git show bloom:tracks.yaml > tracks.yaml
>    - git add tracks.yaml
>    - git commit -am "moving tracks.yaml"
>    - git branch -D bloom
>    - git push origin :bloom
>    - git push --all
>    - bloom-release -r hydro -t hydro image_common -e
> I'm not sure why the auto conversion isn't working, but I have forked the
> repo and I'll look into it. The above instructions should get you rolling
> though.

Thanks! That works.

I was gradually feeling my way through most of these steps, but missing a
few. Is there a doc on the desired bloom repo format? Once in a while the
seem to need minor surgery like this.

I actually need to release groovy-devel to Groovy, then a different
hydro-devel to Hydro. So, I'll need to configure a groovy track, which is
currently missing. I tried to copy the hydro track as a starting point,

 $ git-bloom-config copy hydro groovy
Track 'groovy' does not exist.

No problem. I'll just create a new one.
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