[ros-release] Releasing policy after failed pre-release due to broken depending packages?

Ruben Smits ruben.smits at intermodalics.eu
Wed Jul 16 08:28:14 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I'm trying to release orocos_kinematics_dynamics, before that I'm doing the
pre-release test which also builds all depending packages to verify if the
new release would break anything.

Both on hydro and indigo the pre-release is failing but not related to the
KDL code. What is the policy now? Can I go on and release or do I need to
wait until these broken packages have fixed themselves, even if it is
unrelated to KDL? I'm leaning towards the former ;)

The failing prereleases:



MoveIt seems to be broken:

[ 51%] Building CXX object
In file included from
fatal error: tf_conversions/tf_kdl.h: No such file or directory
 #include <tf_conversions/tf_kdl.h>
compilation terminated.



roseus cmake seems to be broken.


Ruben Smits, CTO
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Intermodalics - Kapeldreef 60, 3001 Heverlee - BELGIUM

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