[ros-release] Ogre version in Trusty

William Woodall william at osrfoundation.org
Fri May 16 22:34:12 UTC 2014

This is a heads up on a change to the ogre rosdep rule.

Right now the `libogre-dev` resolves to `libogre-1.9-dev` on Trusty, which
is what rviz on Trusty uses and therefore depends on.

Currently the version of Gazebo in Trusty instead depends on
`libogre-1.8-dev` which conflicts with `libogre-1.9-dev`. Gazebo has some
open issues related to `libogre-1.9-dev` and therefore we are proposing to
change the `libogre-dev` rosdep rule to be `libogre-1.8-dev` for Trusty,
which will change rviz's dependency to also be `libogre-1.8-dev`.

If you have a problem with this or are also using the `libogre-dev` rosdep
key then please reply here or on this issue:


All of our testing indicates that rviz works fine with ogre 1.8 (that is
the version used in Saucy).


William Woodall
ROS Development Team
william at osrfoundation.org
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