[ros-users] How to use wiimote as an imu for robot_pose_ekf

Alessio Levratti alessio.drago at hotmail.it
Mon May 24 08:08:28 UTC 2010

Hi everyone! My name's Alessio, and I'm an Italian student of Mechatronic Engineering (...forgive my poor English). I'm trying to use the wiimote as an imu for a mobile robot using the kalman filter provided by the robot_pose_ekf package, but nothing's working. I noticed that the wiimote node publishes a topic "imu/data", and "robot_pose_ekf" is subscribed to "imu_data", so I remapped the topic using:

"rosrun wiimote wiimote.py imu/data:=imu_data"

but it still doesn't work; I mean, the topic "/robot_pose_ekf/odom_combined" published by robot_pose_ekf" returns nothing.

I looked for a tutorial for robot_pose_ekf, which could explain how to use it, but i didn't find it. Does it exist?
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