[ros-users] Pioneer Robot + Move_base

Eitan Marder-Eppstein eitan at willowgarage.com
Thu Nov 4 17:19:27 UTC 2010


A few questions off the top of my head:

* Does your odometry for the robot look reasonable? To check this you can do
things like rotate the robot in place and set a large decay time on laser
scans to see if the drift looks reasonable. You'd hope to see scans more or
less fall on top of each other during subsequent rotations.

* Have you looked at navigation relevant topics in rviz to make sure that
you've configured the costmap to take laser data into account? You can find
a tutorial on this here:
If the costmap doesn't show laser data, then the robot will likely hit

* Have you configured the acceleration limits of your robot correctly? If
not, this could result in the robot being unable to follow a straight path.
The following section of the navigation setup tutorial highlights the
parameters you should think about changing:

* What frame are you using for the global costmap? It should probably be
your odometric frame if you're running with an empty map, meaning you
wouldn't run AMCL.

this helps,


On Wed, Nov 3, 2010 at 4:51 AM, #TAN ZHI PING# <TANZ0066 at e.ntu.edu.sg>wrote:

>   Hi all,
> I am currently using the Move_base program to move the Pioneer robot and
> encountered some difficulties
> 1) Instead of moving in a straight line as shown in the global path, the
> robot moved in a s-shaped direction.
> 2) Using a empty map as global map, the robot constantly banged on the wall
> despite obstacles detection using  laser scan.
> Thank in advance for your kind advice.
> With thank,
> Zhiping
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