[ros-users] ROSjava and non-standard messages

Mark Rowan m.s.rowan at cs.bham.ac.uk
Mon Aug 15 13:27:09 UTC 2011


I've been getting to grips with ROSjava but I'm aware that the
mechanism of importing messages has changed recently.

The ROS wiki says:
  "Unlike rocpp, rospy, and roslisp, generated ROS messages are not
located within their package. They are located within the local .ros
preferences folder in ./ros/rosjava/lib "
  "To import a specific message, you must first declare a dependency
on that message's package in your manifest. This will make sure that
the message's jar file is added to your java class path."

But my .ros/rosjava/lib directory only contains a handful of message
JARs (rosgraph_msgs, std_msgs, etc.) and none of the non-standard ones
(e.g. nav_msgs, geometry_msgs).

1). How do I obtain / compile the remaining message types, e.g.
nav_msgs, so they can be added to my ROSjava code?

2). Does this now mean that I *have* to use rosmake (including making
required changes to the manifest file, etc) on my Java code?
Previously I was quite happy editing code, compiling it using javac,
and running it using "rosrun rosjava <package>.<class>" on the command

Many thanks,


Mark Rowan  |  http://www.tamias.co.uk

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