[ros-users] Developers workflow in ROS repositories

Lorenz Mösenlechner moesenle at in.tum.de
Mon Aug 29 16:25:18 UTC 2011


normally, people develop in trunk and whenever the code is ready, a
release is done.

Normally, related packages are packed together into stacks. When a
release is done, the stack's version number is increased and the
current dev-branch (trunk in most cases) is tagged. For instance, when
the new version 1.3 of stack foo is released, the tag tags/foo-1.3 is
created. In addition, a branchs named according to the ros distro
names the release is done against is created,
e.g. branches/diamondback.

For more information on releasing, have a look at



> Hi all:
> At our centre, we are working to bring our ROS repository public. I want
> to ask the people which currently maintain a ROS repository what is the
> kind of workflow used with SVN.
> Our objective is to keep trunk stable enough, so intrusive changes, work
> in progress or new packages preferably should not appear there.
> Using a branch comes to mind as the natural way, but "branching" the
> whole repo for every project (new packages or new features) could not be
> the best idea.
> For repo maintainers: what is your current workflow? commits in trunk
> directly? branching the whole repo? partial branching? two repositories? =)
> Thanks a lot.

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