[ros-users] Solved the pluginlibs OSX problem, attached patch

Nicholas Butko nbutko at ucsd.edu
Fri Feb 4 00:26:18 UTC 2011

Brief summary: 

1) Patch pluginlib CMakeLists.txt
2) Patch nodeled "callback_queue_manager.h"
3) add port "ossp-uuid" to rosdep.yaml for macports under heading "uuid"

stack "common" now builds for diamondback_beta on OSX. 


The problem was that test_plugins wasn't linking to the created libraries. 

This is a common point of failure between Linux and OSX. Someone should probably figure out what about CMake gives different behavior, and break it in linux or fix it in OSX. 

Now I'm getting errors compiling nodelet because of that ancient bug in callback_queue_manager.h.  I thought I got an email from trac saying this was fixed. 

I'll reattach the patch for that one too. 

Nodelet now fails to build because there's no "uuid" library;  Need to add "ossp-uuid" to rosdep.yaml for macports.


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