[ros-users] [Orocos-users] orocos_toolchain_ros for debian

Peter Soetens peter at thesourceworks.com
Tue Feb 22 14:15:01 UTC 2011

On Monday 21 February 2011 00:32:05 Willy Lambert wrote:
> 2011/2/8 Willy Lambert <lambert.willy at gmail.com>
> >>> The standard way to run executables in ROS packages is with rosrun,
> >>> e.g;
> >>> 
> >>> rosrun ocl deployer-gnulinux
> >> 
> >> Oh yes ! I still don't have the ROS reflexes :)
> > 
> > it answers :
> > ard at ard-host-v5:/media/DD_data/home/ard$ rosrun ocl deployer-gnulinux
> > [rosrun] You have chosen a non-unique executable, please pick one of the
> > following:
> > 1) /home/ard/ros/orocos_toolchain_ros/ocl/bin/deployer-gnulinux
> > 2) /home/ard/ros/orocos_toolchain_ros/ocl/install/bin/deployer-gnulinux
> > #?
> > 
> >  I know there are egal because one is the "make installed" version of the
> > 
> > other, by I find it is strange and prevent from starting it automatically
> > after boot (of course I have solutions to avoid this, but the rosway
> > should work no ?)
> > 
> > I makes me thinking about folder size and orocos_toolchain_ros is 1,7Gb
> > on my computer x-(  I know there is some hard work on code size
> > reduction on the Orocos side but nearly 2gb is quite huge.
> > 
> > Does it exist a "rosmake clean" instruction ?
> Let me up this subject,
> after having built the orocos_toolchain_ros it seems it's a bit messy with
> build and installed files. Firstly, rosrun find 2 executables for
> deployer-gnulinux and can't choose. 

We're still looking on how to solve this. The problem is that we require a 
'make install' in ocl because the headers are included using 'ocl/Header.hpp' 
by user code, while they are in the sources in 'subproject/Header.hpp'. We 
discussed moving all headers to the ocl/ directory, but this somewhat beats 
the purpose of the modularisation we did. An alternative would be to create 
symlinks from ocl/Header.hpp to subproject/Header.hpp in ROS_ROOT 
environments. This might be the least intrusive step for now.

> Secondly after having used "make clean"
> in all the packages of orocos_toolchain_ros stack, it reduced from nearly
> 2gb to 350Mb with is by far more acceptable. Is it any "ros" tool to do
> this ? Would it be possible to add a global "make clean" at the root of
> orocos_toolchain_ros ?

Did you compile with MinSizeRel ? The make clean is not what you want, since 
it will also remove the libraries of the normal 'ros' packages, which don't 
have an install step (so it only makes sense for RTT and OCL right now).

People are looking at how to reduce code size, but for a development system, 
it's always handy to have the .o files still there....


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