[ros-users] ROS on Mac-Ubuntu

brice rebsamen brice.rebsamen at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 02:29:33 UTC 2011


I'm about to buy a laptop for the project (obviously we will be
running ROS everyday). There is a Mac culture here. But I have never
had a Mac before. If I get one, I will probably install Ubuntu on it
to run ROS, since it seems the Mac version of ROS is still not fully
running. I don't want to struggle with ROS installation. I am very
familiar with Linux but I have never installed it on a Mac, and I know
that one of my friends had trouble with that (I think the partitioning
phase was the problem).

I'd like to get some feedback from the people on that mailing list. Is
there anybody here using Mac and ROS (with or without Ubuntu) who
could comment? How easy is it to install Ubuntu on a Mac? Once this is
done, does everything works fine, especially as far as ROS is

In the past 6 months I was working under Linux 64 bits (on a PC), and
not everything was as smooth as the 32 bits version, there were a few
tricks here and there...


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