[ros-users] Rviz ros base settings

Marcus Liebhardt marcus.liebhardt at pal-robotics.com
Sun Jun 19 18:41:09 UTC 2011


I think I managed that once by adding a new tf frame, which is the parent of
both (in your case) /common_odometry (or maybe the base_link of your robot)
and /camera.
Then rviz should know how to bring the pointcloud and the robot model in
accordance with each other.

If the above works, would you please post the question and answer on
answers.ros.org (if it is not already there)? Thanks!

Marcus Liebhardt

2011/6/19 Medi-Care Robotics <itsmyrobot at gmail.com>

> I am using rviz to view my pointcloud. Now if i use Robot_model. I have to
> set the global conf. To /common_odometry or something similair. With the
> pointcloud it needs to be /camera to see anything.
> But how would i show both at the same time? Is there a sort of default to
> view everything?
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