[ros-users] libopencv

Jochen Sprickerhof ros-users at jochen.sprickerhof.de
Thu Nov 10 15:13:20 UTC 2011

* Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda <leo at alaxarxa.net> [2011-11-10 15:07]:
> A Dijous 10 Novembre 2011, William Woodall va escriure:
> > I guess I don't under stand what you mean by source then.  The deb package
> > is hosted on packages.ros.org and if you followed the installation
> > instructions for ROS you can install it using apt-get or synaptic.  There
> > is no ROS package if that is what you mean, libopencv... is just the
> > library.  There are many tools for using opencv with ROS in the
> > visions_opencv stack: http://www.ros.org/wiki/vision_opencv
> Ok, probably I have not been clear. I'm looking for the sources of the 
> debian/ubuntu package (directory debian with the rules, control, etc) not the 
> sources of libopencv.
> And why am I asking this? Simple because I'm a Debian user/system and I 
> wouldn't want to use ubuntu. Normally, if there's a package that I need, I 
> rebuild the package to install it in my boxes. Some time ago I asked for the 
> ros packages sources, but I admit that I was not be able to rebuild it in a 
> debian system. They are built in a different way that the traditional.

I'm on Debian as well and the Ubuntu .debs work most of the time
(snapshots.debian.org and a Ubuntu source helps ;) ).
Regarding the ROS source packages, they seem to be hand crafted instead
of relaying on the nice Debian build system. I've talked to Vincent
about this some days ago and he mentioned that ROS2 will probably use
the CPack system fromn CMake which is just es broken :/. Maybe we can
convince them together to go with debhelper, as it would be a necessity
to get it into Debian or Ubuntu anyhow and ease up a lot of things.

> I have found the sources for the libopencv in ppa, but the package hosted 
> there is different that the one hosted in ros.org and I would like to rebuild 
> the one that is in ros.org, that is why I was asking.
> > The mailing list is for announcements and special discussions.
> > answers.ros.org is preferred for getting help or asking general questions.
> >  It is all explained here: http://www.ros.org/wiki/Support
> Well, as I have say before, there are poor men/women in this world that likes 
> the mail list .... :-)

..and don't like checking websites all the time.

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