[ros-users] Packaging ROS for yocto or OpenEmbedded (using bitbake recipes)

Erwin José Lopez Pulgarin ejlopezp at unal.edu.co
Thu Dec 6 20:36:53 UTC 2012

I am interested in this initiative. Next year we planned to start this
endeavor for OpenEmbedded and Yocto was an option. This would me very
useful because this distributions and packages are perfect for embedded
development and ease the ROS development in embedded targets like
beagleboard, eagleboard and others like the platforms we are developing.

Let me know about your plans, even when this task was planned for next year
we can start reviewing this. I am very glad not only high profile CPU and
GPU are used for modern robotics but recently more and more interest is
being directed to embedded platforms, being linux enabled ARM A or
powerfull MCU ARM Cortex.


Erwin José López Pulgarín
Ingeniero Mecatrónico
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
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