[ros-users] Parallax Eddie Robot Driver

Haikal Pribadi haikal.pribadi at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 13:12:38 UTC 2012

Hi all ROS users,

I'm Haikal Pribadi, final year undergrad student and a research
assistant at Monash University. I've developed a basic driver for
Parallax Eddie Robot <http://www.parallax.com/eddie>. The package
(parallax_eddie_robot) basically publishes all sensor data, and contains
services that represents commands to the serial board.

My repository contains 2 packages: parallax_eddie_robot (the driver) and
jimmy_robot. The latter is a package for my personal project, so I guess
you may ignore this package. It's not necessarily tied up to the driver,
but I do think it could be useful for others as well. It is still in
preliminary development right now. It contains a speech interface using
the CMU pocketsphinx package.

The packages have no documentation for now, everything is still in
development, but i will get my hands on the soon. However, the functions
and variables in the code are named very clearly to indicate what they
are doing/representing. It would be great if anyone that has some free
time would like to take a look at it and give some feedback.

My repository is: https://github.com/haikalpribadi/haikalpribadi-ros-pkg

Thanks, everyone..

Haikal Pribadi
Monash University, Sunway Campus, Malaysia

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