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Cyprus Office space for rent,Cyprus offices to let in Business center in NicosiaSponsored dispatch:
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Dear Clients / Associates
Severis House, 9, Arch. Makariou Executive Suites …
in the heart of the Nicosia City centre (Cyprus)
Officespace offers prestigious serviced offices at the heart of the Nicosia City Centre. Our range of serviced office suites starting from 249 Euro per month can be seen here. Virtual Office Services for Cyprus, Malta and the UK start from 37.50 Euro per month.

The future of work!
Working from Officespace’s pretigious office locations in Cyprus can result in considerable cost savings compared to renting, maintaining and operating from your own premises and ensures problem and “headache” free operations leaving you time to concentrate on your core business while at the same time avoiding 100% of the overheads involved in setting up your office.

Serviced Office Fees - Cyprus
There are 2 packages available:

Standard Package - See available suites here.

Our fees are based upon individual quotations depending on the suite selected, the period of occupation and the exact requirements. Bespoke packages / quotations are available upon request. Please see our extra services you might need or read on to find out about the Virtual Office Services. Please contact us to get a quotation.

Budget Package – Hotdesking where physical space is needed frequently but not continuously. Suites are available from 249 Euro per month for up to 80 hours per month (10 days). 

Simplified Billing with No Extra Charges:
A single monthly bill covering all of the office services you require simplifies your monthly administration costs. In addition to the physical space, the single bill includes, without extra charge:

Visitor handling, reception, meetings management, concierge and travel support and basic secretarial support (reasonable volume at no charge) 
Internet services (“ultra – fast” internet connection) 
Telephone answering service 
Air conditioning 
Buildings insurance 
Catering services (free beverages and snacks) 
Kitchen facilities 
Office cleaning 
Office furniture 
Photo copier services (reasonable volume at no charge) 
Postal services 
Reception staff 
Rubbish collection 
Service charges 
Telephone / Fax services / line rental 

Extra Services Available (subject to separate quotation):

Underground parking space 
Door signage 
Server hosting 
IT support 
VPN support 
Email hosting 
Web Design 
Web Hosting 
Document (Official) Certification Services 

Virtual Office Fees - Cyprus / Malta
There are 4 Virtual Office packages available:

a) Entry Level – Telephone and Fax answering and message forwarding 
37.50 Euro per month (for low call / fax volumes) 

(Unique to your company) telephone and fax number 
Personalized call answering by professional telephone operators 
Message forwarding to your instructions 

b) Standard package 

79 Euro per month (for low activity – calls / mail / faxes – volumes) 
Package A above plus

Business Address / Mailing Address 
Mail forwarding by scanned email 

c) Premium package

115 Euro per month (for small number of visits) 

Package B above plus

Visitor reception, handling and management (AND communication with you – notification) 
Use of Business Address as Company Registered Office 

d) Premium plus package 

189 Euro per month (for low activity volumes – visits / calls / mail / faxes / support work) 
Package C above plus 

Concierge Service 
Travel arrangement Service 
Meetings schedule management 
Basic secretarial and admin support, meetings support by our staff in a personal and friendly manner 
For more information contact us with your requirements and we’ll call you back or call us on +357 2226-8300 or email us at enquiries. 
Physical Serviced Office Fees - Cyprus
New Offers for physical serviced offices are shown below. These include:

Physical serviced offices at the centre of the capital at very competitive rates, from 249 Euro per workstation 
First one month free for a minimum three month occupancy! 
First two months free for a minimum six month occupancy! 
10% discount on long term rentals 
30 minutes free HD Video Conference – DAILY (subject to 24 hours advance booking, availability and arrangements made with business centre staff) 
1 free dedicated telephone line per physical office 
Free signs on office doors (with name of the client’s company) 

Suites with 2 workstations: 645 Euro per month (6.45 m2 to 10.94 m2) 

Suite 301 
Suite 302 
Suite 308 
Suite 313 
Suite 314 
Suite 315 
Suite 316 

Suites with 3 workstations: 975 Euro per month (10.64 m2 to 11.51 m2) 

Suite 305 
Suite 306 

Suite with 4 workstations: 1,245 Euro per month (15.59 m2) 

Suite 307 

Suite with 5 workstations: 1,445 Euro per month (18.69 m2) 

Suite 312 

Suites with 6 workstations: 1,695 Euro per month (23.04 m2 to 31.71 m2) 

Suite 303 
Suite 309 
Suite 310 
Suite 311 

Select above links to view individual suites.
Select office plan to see the layout of the various office suites.
For more information contact us with your requirements and we’ll call you back or call us on +357 2226-8300 or email us.
Please note: Our serviced office facility provides an effective Disaster Recovery Solution with an electricity generator and uninterruptable power supply providing a seamless uninterrupted operation allowing your business to operate unaffected by the power cuts being experienced in Cyprus.

*** Please contact us via email or call +357 22 456363 for a Written Fee Quotation ***
Officespace in Nicosia has a range of prestigious, unbranded serviced offices and full virtual office services 
A Landmark Location:
The Severis Building is one of the most luxurious and professionally operated Serviced Office Facilities in Cyprus at the very heart of the Nicosia CBD! 

All Inclusive:
At OfficeSpace, we have a single very competitive, all-inclusive simple rental fee. 

Flexible Packages:
If one of our packages does not exactly match your requirements, we can provide a bespoke solution to suit almost any requirement. 

Telecommunications and Information Technology Infrastructure:
Our information technology team in combination with our modern telecommunications and infrastructure enables us to meet our client requirements in-house. 

High Speed Fibre Internet:
Our dedicated zero contention ratio fibre link to the Internet with inbuilt redundancy hosted by an independent telecommunication companies provides our customers with one of the fastest and robust links to the Internet in Cyprus. Our system is flexible and additional bandwidth can be provided if required. 

Totally Unbranded Serviced Office Suites:
The unbranded aspect of our Business Suites makes them ideal for international clients. The floor space is split into independent Business Suites, Common Areas for Workstation Rental (“Hot-desking”), Meeting Rooms, and a modern High Definition Video-Conferencing Suite with the capacity to host calls with up to 16 independent participants. All suites have natural lighting and are available for short or long term rental. 

Located in the most Prestigious Landmark Building on Makarios III Avenue in Nicosia:
The Severis building plays host to the Swedish, Finnish and Portuguese Embassies. The ground floor is occupied by the well known Mondo Cafe which provides a convenient on-site location for informal luncheon meetings. The location is one of the busiest in Nicosia and is surrounded by shops, restaurants, banks and other commercial activities. 

For more information contact us with your requirements and we’ll call you back or call us on +357 2226-8300 or email us.

Officespace provides superior telecoms and IT infrastructure 
At OfficeSpace, we understand the need for a modern robust IT Infrastructure. Consequently, we have installed a state of the art telecommunications infrastructure which includes the following: 
Ultra-fast Broadband Internet services with automatic fail-over redundancy with independent providers 
High Definition Video Conferencing capable of supporting up to 16 independent participants 
On-site IT, Telecommunications and Web Services Support 
On-site Server Hosting 
Email Hosting 
Web Hosting 
Web Design 
VPN Support 
Independent VLAN's for each business suite. 
Secure Computer Room with the capability to house customers' servers 
High Speed gigabit switches for voice and data 
High Speed Alcatel communications gateway encompassing a high speed switch, a router and a firewall. The gateway supports primary and secondary links to the Internet. 
In addition, we have installed a state of the art telecommunications infrastructure which includes the following: 
Alcatel-Lucent Digital PABX 
Digital handsets for each desktop in the Serviced Office centre 
SIP Trunk services for Virtual Office clients 
Reduced call rates through our telecom network 
Conference call and voicemail services are available 
This enables us to provide you with a robust sophisticated IT and Telecommunications Infrastructure to meet all of your IT requirements. At OfficeSpace, we have gone to great lengths to provide an infrastructure that meets almost all of the challenges that face a business today.
The additional benefits the IT team has to offer can be seen here.
For more information contact us with your requirements and we’ll call you back or call us on +357 2226-8300 or email us.

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Contact Details:
9, Archbishop Makarios III Avenue
1065 Nicosia,
Tel: +357 2226 8300
Fax: +357 2258 6900
Email: enquiries
Website: Officespace

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