[ros-users] (New package) densowave, manipulator I/F for industrial arms

Isaac Isao Saito iisaito at opensource-robotics.tokyo.jp
Tue Dec 10 10:47:15 UTC 2013

Dear rosthusiasts,

we're happy to announce densowave, a ROS/MoveIt! interface for
industrial manipulators from Denso Wave Inc.


Key factors:

- Currently works with VS-060, vertical multi-joint robot from Denso Wave.
- ROS communicates using UDP-based standardized protocol (ORiN) to
the embedded controller computer that has been achieving
industry-proven reliability. It also has mechanism to detect faulty
commands. That said as a whole the system maintains the same level of
safeness with their commercial product setting.
- However ROS interface is still experimental and feedback is highly
appreciated. Please try out manipulation in RViz without the real
- Work done by U-Tokyo. Maintenance by Tokyo Opensource Robotics
Kyokai Association

Lastly, credit goes to Denso Wave who provides the robot's model to
the opensource community.

Kei Okada, Ryohei Ueda

!Happy opensource robotics!

Isao Isaac Saito (齋藤功)
Software Engineer, Co-founder
TORK (Tokyo Opensource Robotics Kyokai Association, 東京オープンソースロボティクス協会)

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