[ros-users] Announcing kth-ros-pkg

Francisco Viña fevb at kth.se
Fri Dec 13 13:53:46 UTC 2013


The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH, Sweden) is proud to announce the 
release of kth-ros-pkg <http://wiki.ros.org/kth-ros-pkg>. Some of our 
packages include:

  * *biotac_driver <http://wiki.ros.org/biotac_driver>:* catkinization
    of UPenn's Haptics group's low level drivers for the Biotac sensor

  * *force_torque_tools <http://wiki.ros.org/force_torque_tools>:*
    force-torque sensor calibration and gravity compensation.

  * *kdl_acc_solver <http://wiki.ros.org/kdl_acc_solver>:* KDL solver
    for calculating cartesian accelerations from joint positions,
    velocities and accelerations.

  * *kdl_wrapper <http://wiki.ros.org/kdl_wrapper>:* C++ wrapper for
    easily getting KDL kinematic chains and using KDL kinematic solvers
    with robots defined in ROS through URDF in the parameter server.

Future packages will include :

  * door_opening_control <http://wiki.ros.org/door_opening_control>:
    adaptive controllers for simultaneous control and estimation of
    kinematic parameters of sliding and revolute doors.

<https://wiki.ros.org/door_opening_control>As well as adaptive 
control/kinematics estimation for tool calibration, joint human-robot 
manipulation of objects, etc.

Our github repo:



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