[ros-users] Example of Python catkin package with .msg, .srv and .action compilling and installing of python scripts

Sam Pfeiffer sam.pfeiffer at pal-robotics.com
Mon Nov 18 17:43:45 UTC 2013

Hello everyone,

I've been struggling on making a ROS catkin package as a example with
python scripts in it that I would like to install somewhere (with
catkin_make install). I've done many mistakes and I don't know why I need
to do some stuff, but here you have a package that works as an example:


I hope it is useful for someone else and I also would like to hear
comments/add issues to it.

P.S.: The ROS documentation right now about this looks unstable. Also, the
sentence at:
Remember this: The setup.py is for catkin to use, and not for users to
invoke. catkin will make sure setup.py installs files to the right
location. *If you invoke setup.py manually, you may break your ROS

Is quite scary...

*Sam Pfeiffer*
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