[ros-users] STDR Simulator (Simple Two Dimensional Robot Simulator) ROS package

Manos Tsardoulias etsardou at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 13:15:16 UTC 2014

Dear all,

The current version of STDR Simulator is *0.1.3*! The changes compared to
the v0.1.0 follow:

   - Full support of robots with polygonal footprint
   - Zoom in STDR GUI is also performed with the mouse wheel
   - Fixed saving and loading robots and sensors from the Robot Creator in
   - Added odometry publisher
   - Added robot-to-obstacles collision check

Special thanks to trainman419 <https://github.com/trainman419> for
contributions in

   - the polygonal robot support and the odometry publisher
   - GUI makefiles
   - writing a tutorial<http://wiki.ros.org/stdr_simulator/Tutorials/Teleop%20with%20teleop_twist_keyboard>on
robot teleoperation with STDR using
   teleop_twist_keyboard <http://wiki.ros.org/teleop_twist_keyboard>.

The next version (v0.1.4) will include full support of *RFID tags* and*
RFID reader sensors*.


Emmanouil G. Tsardoulias
PhD, Software Engineer
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