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On Wed, Jun 25, 2014, at 05:22 PM, Wayne Chang wrote:

Perhaps WebGL could be used to compensate for
performance-hungry aspects of rendering.


On Wed, Jun 25, 2014, at 05:11 PM, Ben Kehoe wrote:

There isn't a single format for binary JSON, there's BSON [1],
UBJSON [2], BJSON [3], ... However, there's no reason that
serialized ROS messages couldn't be used (we allow web service
calls using this in ROStful), though with DDS for ROS 2.0,
maybe that format will be changing soon.

[1] [2]http://bsonspec.org/
[2] [3]http://ubjson.org/
[3] [4]http://bjson.org/

On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 4:06 PM, Osentoski Sarah (CR/RTC1.1-NA)
<[5]Sarah.Osentoski at us.bosch.com> wrote:

Hi Vincent,

A group of us are working on similar ideas over at Robot Web
Tools [6]http://robotwebtools.org/

The community has a large number of tools to expose, work with,
and visualize ros topics, services, and action services to the
web.  Our previous efforts have focused on getting a framework
that allows many types of interfaces to be built.    These
tools could be used to create a web-based rviz or rqt etc.

If you’re interested in such things please feel free to join
the community effort!

Best regards,

Sarah Osentoski

Robert Bosch LLC
Research and Technology Center (CR/RTC-NA)
4005 Miranda Avenue, Suite 200
Palo Alto, CA 94304

Tel:1[8](650) 320-2969
Fax: [9]1 (650) 320-2999
[10]Sarah.Osentoski at us.bosch.com

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At ROS Kong, some rQt on the web was demoed as well as a Gazebo
web visualizer.

I am no expert in web programing but what prevents us from
moving rQt and RViz to the web/javascript ? The obvious
advantages would be cross-platform support, optimizations
independent of the underlying libraries, easier code to debug,
no compilation. Plus, there are already great tools like
robotwebtools and rosbridge.

Here are a few reasons I was told that could prevent that move;
are those really valid ? Are there better reasons ?

- hard to access local files (html is not aware of local files)

- no customizable shaders in WebGL (is that the case ? do we
need those ?)

- slow JSON parsing libraries (aren't those optimized in recent
browsers ?)

- heavy bandwidth usage (how about binary JSON ?)


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4. http://bjson.org/
5. mailto:Sarah.Osentoski at us.bosch.com
6. http://robotwebtools.org/
7. http://www.boschresearch.com/
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