[ros-users] Cross Compiling ROS

Dr. Markus Eich markus.eich at dfki.de
Tue May 27 10:46:13 UTC 2014

Dear Javier,

I would recommend to use the Yocto Project http://www.yoctoproject.org/ 
and bitbake for cross compiling. There exists even some meta-packages 
for this.


This runs very nicely and is relatively easy to configure. It is build 
on ROS Hydro. I would migrate to Hydro anyway, because Fuerte is EOL.

I am working with Yocto/Dora branch and ROS, using the meta-ros packages.



Am 27.05.2014 12:13, schrieb Javier Almansa:
> Hello everybody. My name is Javier and I am new in this mailing list.
> I work with embedded systems (bare metal programming and embedded 
> GNU/Linux too) and I am learning ROS by my own at home.
> some months ago I wrote an entry in my personal blog 
> (http://industriaembebidahoy.com/efsystems/es/node/61) about how to 
> cross-compile ROS Fuerte for a RPI Board with a with a BuildRoot based 
> rootfs (http://buildroot.uclibc.org/) based on other post I found in 
> Internet (http://uchile-spl.wikidot.com/).
> Now, Im trying to add support for ROS in Buildroot for automatic 
> cross-compile of ROS in new rootfs for any architecture supported for 
> Buildroot.
> I have used rosinstall-generator to obtain a list of packages for a 
> ros-base groovy instalation whith the idea of add all this packages 
> into a virtual package in BuildRoot, but I have some troubles when I 
> try to cross-compile.
> My problem is the dependencies among packages, so I would like to know 
> if anyone could tell me which is the correct order for compile and 
> install separate packages without dependencies problems so I could 
> configure Buildroot for doing the compilation in the correct order.
> Also, I think that not all packages are needed for a running system, 
> so I would like to know which packages I could omit for an embedded 
> system (I will not develop in this system, only run).
> Anyone could help me?
> Thanks in advance.
> Javier.
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