[ros-users] Node for iNemo-M1 discovery 9DOF IMU

Walter "Myzhar" Lucetti myzhar at robot-home.it
Sat Nov 1 13:27:05 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I'm writing a node (C++) to interface with the ST iNemo-M1 Discovery board

If you do not know it, it is a 9DOF IMU based on iNemo SOC, with a 9DOF
IMU, plus Barometer and Temperature sensor, coordinated by a  STM32F103

I want to write a Serial Driver to communicate with the "original Firmware"
that provides a good pose estimation (RPY and Quaternion) based on a Kalman

The source code is available on my Github repository:

I would like that someone could contribute with my work, I started writing
code for ROS only at the beginning of september and any suggestion would be
really appreciated.


*Walter "Myzhar" Lucetti*

email myzhar at robot-home.it
web: *www.robot-home.it <http://www.robot-home.it/> - www.opencv.it
project:  http://myzharbot.robot-home.it
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