[ros-users] Adding a global path planner as plugin in ROS (updated)

Daniel Stonier d.stonier at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 07:16:20 UTC 2014

Great tutorial!


On 12 November 2014 23:15, Anis Koubaa (COINS) <akoubaa at coins-lab.org>

> We have updated the tutorial on adding a global path planner as plugin in
> ROS. We have added testing using RVIZ.
> The general tutorial is available on ROS Wiki site in this link
> <http://wiki.ros.org/navigation/Tutorials/Writing%20A%20Global%20Path%20Planner%20As%20Plugin%20in%20ROS>
> A more specific tutorial that shows how to add a real genetic algorithm
> planner is presented in this tutorial page
> <http://www.iroboapp.org/index.php?title=Adding_Genetic_Algorithm_Global_Path_Planner_As_Plugin_in_ROS>
> .
> It is possible to work with other path planning algorithms. We implemented
> the iPath C++ library <https://code.google.com/p/ipath/> that provides
> the implementation of several path planners including A*, GA, local search
> and some relaxed version of A* and Dijkstra (much faster that A* and
> Dijkstra).  More will be added soon on Google Code.
> The iPath library <https://code.google.com/p/ipath/> is available as open
> source on Google Code under the GNU GPL v3 license. The library was
> extensively tested under different maps including those provided in this
> benchmark <http://www.movingai.com/benchmarks/> and other randomly
> generated maps <http://www.iroboapp.org/index.php?title=Maps>.
> A tutorial on how to use iPath simulator is available on this link
> <https://code.google.com/p/ipath/>.
> Credits particularly go to Maram Al-Ajlan (Master Student at Al-Imam
> Mohamed bin Saud University, Saudi Arabia) and Imen Chaari (PhD student at
> Manouba University Tunisia) for their efforts in implementing the
> algorithms and integration to ROS.
> If you have any suggestions or questions about tools or tutorials, please
> contact me.
> Anis
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