[ros-users] Aldebaran's NAO support for MoveIt!, Gazebo and more

Vincent Rabaud vincent.rabaud at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 22:54:03 UTC 2014

Hi all,

after a few months of work from the community and Aldebaran, we are pleased
to provide new functionalities for NAO and Romeo, placing them among the
top supported robots out there in ROS.

- up-to-date URDFs with extra sensors (bumpers, cameras, sonars ...)
- official Aldebaran meshes
- support for all sensors through the NAOqi/ROS bridge
- rQt dashboard <http://wiki.ros.org/nao_dashboard>
- support for MoveIt!
- support for Gazebo
(not for Romeo yet but soon !)
- improvements <http://wiki.ros.org/nao/Installation> for onboard running
of ROS
- wiki <http://wiki.ros.org/nao> improvements

And don't forget the SIG for up-to-date news:

Just install ros-indigo-nao-* or ros-indigo-romeo-* and enjoy ! (there is
also Hydro support).
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