[ros-users] Updated link to download micROS RT, an implementation of ROS on DDS

dingbo bding at msn.com
Fri Sep 5 18:13:42 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,


MicROS RT is a modified ROS C++ core that aims to provide scalable and
QoS-assuring message delivery capability by adopting DDS. You can find more
information about this project in our previous mail

The following links are micROS RT (early evaluation version) compiled for
various platforms and ROS versions.

micROS RT 0.14beta, based on ROS Hydro, 32bit binary distribution:


micROS RT 0.14beta, based on ROS Hydro, 64bit binary distribution:


micROS RT 0.14beta, based on ROS Indigo, 32bit binary distribution:


micROS RT 0.14beta, based on ROS Indigo, 64bit binary distribution:


micROS RT, source code distribution

Comming soon...

We have preliminarily tested this version by the official roscpp_tutorials
package, the turtle_sim package, the turtle_tf package and some real ROS
applications. However, this version is still just for evaluation and
collecting feedback. We would really appreciate any feedback you can give

You can contact us through mail address: bding at msn.com
<mailto:bding at msn.com>  or dingbo at nudt.edu.cn <mailto:dingbo at nudt.edu.cn>  .
Our website: http://micros.nudt.edu.cn/ (in Chinese)



(1) Using DDS to deliver ROS messages. DDS is a mature middleware standard
which aims to enable

scalable, QoS-assuring, dependable, high-performance data exchanges.

(2) Existing ROS applications need no modification. Only replace a .so file
in ROS installation directory.

(3) Providing extra APIs to set message delivery QoS  (not provided in this

(4) Interoperable with the official ROS core by protocol negotiation.

(5) Preferred protocol (DDS, TCPROS or UDPROS) of a topic can be specified. 

Installation guides:

(1) Installing OpenSplice DDS 6.4 community version

(2) Please ensure that the DDS environment variables have been set
correctly. Usually, you can achieve this goal by simply running "source

(3) Download libroscpp.so from the above links according to your platform
and your current ROS version.

(4) Replace the libroscpp.so in the ROS directory with the file you

Known issues:

(1) If you have callback functions in your program to get the notification
of subscriber status changes (connected and disconnected), those callback
functions will not be invoked when using DDS as the message delivery
mechanism. We'll solve this problem in the future.



Bo Ding

micROS Team

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