[ros-users] New package: Augmented Reality System

Hamdi Sahloul(太田研) sahloul at race.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Sun Sep 14 15:49:15 UTC 2014

Hi everyone!I have been recently through a need for a reliable pose estimation system, in which ar_pose (http://wiki.ros.org/ar_pose) failed to stratify my needs as it depends on the very basic ARToolKit old library.Moreover, I found aruco_ros (http://wiki.ros.org/aruco_ros) as a good package to begin with, but it was only using a single marker, or double markers. It does not have a visualization system as well.So, I made my package..In order to avoid occlusions, I used marker boards (you still have the ability to use a 1x1 marker board), and now it could detect virtually unlimited boards with a very good accuracy.Nonetheless, it is able to handle many cameras at once, and finally display the result in the rviz (http://wiki.ros.org/rviz).I would love if you discover things further yourself, so here is the link:
https://github.com/Sahloul/ar_sysIt would only cost you a camera and couple of papers to try, therefore, kindly be asked to try it and let me please know your impression and feedback which is highly appreciated! 		 	   		  
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