[ros-users] An Open Survey: What´s most annoying building robots with ROS

Sebastian Stute sebastian at proboter.com
Mon Dec 7 11:30:46 UTC 2015

A honest question from deep ROS lovers
We use ROS in our daily robot development and really love the way it´s
generally working. So please ROS fans, fanatics and lovers don´t get us
wrong. This little open survey is not about shitstorming, blaming or wise

In lot´s of our internal discussions or chats with you – the ROS community
– we got under the impression that you are struggeling with the same issues
like we do. So let´s collect these thoughts and experiences and try to
summarize them into a huge feedback page for all of us.


*Let´s simplify how we develop robots,*
Sebastian from Proboter <http://proboter.com>
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