[ros-users] Announcing turtlebot updates

Jihoon Lee jihoonlee.in at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 02:12:37 UTC 2015


We would like to announce that TurtleBot got major(and minor) updates in
both software and hardware. These updates are final (apart from bugfixes)
and won’t change api for indigo.


   Turtlebot2 has equipped with better navigation skills, so it can now
   navigates a lot better with tuned parameters and by Asus Xtion Pro as
   default sensor.

   It supports integrated interaction tools, Remocon & Interactions
   <http://wiki.ros.org/rocon_interactions> as new ways to interact with

   Turtlebot2 now can be easily installed and repaired by Turtlebot2 ISO to
   create Turtlebot2 netbook easily. Check Turtlebot Installation Tutorial

   In addition, there are miscellaneous updates in configuration,
   simulation, and multi robot implementation. Please see Migration Guide
   <http://wiki.ros.org/Robots/TurtleBot/indigo/Migration> for the details.


TurtleBot Team
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