[ros-users] Linking Mavros , hokuyo, dynamixel and tf transform

Filipe Freire livrofubia at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 18:41:56 UTC 2015

My name is Filipe, and I'm a student at ISEP <http://www.isep.ipp.pt/>, in
Me and my colleague Carlos have completed the ROS tutorials ( the "tf"
tutorials as well as the beginner level ones, )

We are having trouble understanding how we should structure our program to
use mavros, hokuyo, dynamixel and tf transform.
We need the orientation data of a PX4 (for that we'll use mavros),
pointcloud data from hokuyo, control a dynamixel motor, and read its
enconder, and use the tf transform to transform the frames (We know the ros
packages that we need to install).

Even after carefully going through the tutorials, we don't have a solid
idea on were and how to start our program.

We know this much so far:
- We need to subscribe data from the px4 - so do we need to write a
- We need to subscribe data from the hokuyo;
- We need to subscribe data from the dynamixel motor, and publish controls
to it;
- We need to grab all this data and apply a transformation to the hokuyo

Could anyone kindly give us some tips on how to start?
Best Regards,
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