[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [Release/Indigo] Preparing for Indigo Sync 2016-12-21

Tully Foote ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 02:14:45 UTC 2016

We're close to no regressoins. We are down to 4 packages that are indicated as regressions. Of which 2 are failing to build and the other two are dependent on the failing packages. 

I've ticketed the two failing packages: 



However it appears that they might be a result of a moved or removed moveit header files. @130s I haven't dug into this but it looks like both these failing builds were triggered by the recent moveit release; http://build.ros.org/view/Ibin_uS64/job/Ibin_uS64__ur_kinematics__ubuntu_saucy_amd64__binary/34/

Unless it sounds like there will be a fix in the next day or two I will likely still sync with the regressions since we have a large batch of packages that have been waiting longer than normal already.

If we do sync with the regressions and the fixes are in soon we can rerun the sync ahead of schedule to fix the regressions.

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