[ros-users] Upcoming suspention of debian packaging for EOL Ubuntu distros

Mike Purvis mpurvis at clearpathrobotics.com
Thu Feb 4 16:13:21 UTC 2016

You can obviously build desktop-full on Wily from source— us Mac users are used
to doing that all the time
Though it's a bummer that the independent bootstrapping packages
(python-rosdep, python-rosinstall-generator, python-catkin-tools, etc)
aren't actually available as debs for Wily, so you do have to get them from


On 4 February 2016 at 04:50, Séverin Lemaignan <ros-users at lists.ros.org>

> Hi Tully,
> What about the effort to mainline ROS in Debian? Things have been
> progressing nicely (debian unstable now has a 'ros-desktop-full' package
> [1] -- I'm not sure however how much of ROS is actually packaged), and I
> wondered if the OSRF is officially endorsing or going to endorse this
> endeavour.
> --- btw, if I get this right, this may mean that in Ubuntu 16.04 (or
> possibly 16.10), users are likely going to face a choice between
> ros-kame-desktop-full (OSRF packages) and ros-desktop-full (Debian mainline
> packages)... some confusion in perspective!
> Cheers,
> Séverin
> [1] https://packages.debian.org/sid/ros-desktop-full
> On 04/02/16 04:22, Tully Foote via ros-users wrote:
>> You're right that there's a bit of a gap. This gap was discussed during
>> the
>> decision to slow down our release cycle. Unfortunately, that's basically
>> an
>> artifact of Ubuntu dropping their regular release support periods to only
>> 9
>> months and our yearly release cycle. This leaves us with a gap since there
>> is no Ubuntu release except the LTS which spans the full year between our
>> releases.
>> There's been a few questions in the past about the effort to add a new
>> target platform. And the general answer is that it's approximately the
>> same
>> effort as spinning up a new distro. All the maintainers must go through
>> their packages in dependency order and rerelease them after verifying them
>> against their updated dependencies. With the strong feedback from the
>> community to slow down the release process there's basically no way to
>> cover the gap.
>> And when you look at doing that we are about to spin up that process for
>> Kinetic Kame, which will support Wily and Xenial. Thus we would be asking
>> all the maintainers to do twice as much work. In the not too distant
>> future
>> we do expect to have early test releases of Kinetic available for Wily. I
>> would rather ask people to put their effort into Kinetic and make our next
>> LTS even more solid. We've seen a lot of people sticking to Trusty-Indigo
>> and expect them to be jumping directly to Xenial-Kinetic.
>> Expect to hear more about Kinetic soon. We've been preparing for it in the
>> background [1] but will be kicking off officially shortly.
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