[ros-users] Announcing roslaunch graph generator

Edwards, Shaun M. sedwards at swri.org
Fri Jan 15 23:16:30 UTC 2016

Thanks for sharing Brett.  I’ve always wanted a tool like this so we could document the launch files in ROS-Industrial.  I wonder if this would be useful to generate documentation on the wiki (sort of like the doxygen docs).

Shaun Edwards
Senior Research Engineer
Manufacturing System Department

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Hello everyone,

I thought it would be useful to be able to generate a graph of the tree of files and nodes used by a particular launch file. After not being able to find anything capable of doing this, I wrote a quick python script to do just that and thought I would share it with everyone.

You can find the code at: https://github.com/bponsler/roslaunch_to_dot

It's fairly simple to use, but feel free to message me if you have any questions, issues, or suggestions for improvements.



Brett Ponsler
Principal Software Engineer, iRobot Corporation
WPI Computer Science BS 2009, MS 2011
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