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Loïc Dauphin ros.discourse at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 16:08:14 UTC 2017

Thanks ! ^^

Did you have any trouble with code size?

Not so much. But of course this proof of concept is far from having all the features. Here are the current sizes :

 - For the NDN version : 
RAM : ~12Kb
Flash : ~60Kb

 - For the MQTT-SN version : 
RAM : ~18Kb
Flash : ~62Kb

For the whole OS, ROS2, and user application.
The RAM is not counting the heap used, but it takes in account the stack of the different threads.

Also, I dont see mention of rcutils anywhere, so Im guess youre using an older release of ROS 2 rather than beta 2 or master?

I'm based on beta1, mainly because I could not use the ROS2 build system (microcontrollers + RIOT having it's own build system, hard time), and I needed some generated files (from rosidl) that were not compatible with the master branch at this time (February). It was more secure to base my work on a stable branch.

Did you have any trouble with rcl?

Not so much. I just had to change the time.c implementation to use RIOT, and some warnings made my build system unhappy (mostly old-style function definition), but the rest was ok.

The most hard part I (still) have is with the rosidl/typesupport things, which prevent me to support any type but Strings.

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