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suforeman ros.discourse at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 13:41:25 UTC 2017

"5. Binary releases only" ... "releasing binaries on the OSRF build farm isn't a difficult process"

Just and FYI on that one. The build farm is totally foreign to people like myself who have not done it before. The requisite tutorials / documentation is not sufficient to get many package developers over the fear of messing something up.

Back to the OP, I like the idea - with two points:

1. Very quickly it will fall apart if it is not well organized and easily searchable. This may mean having some type of recommended template to what should be included in an announcement. e.g. package name, short description, availability, where is can be found, any prerequisites, hardware dependencies, etc.

2. I'm sure there are users like myself who did an internet search and found "ROS Answers" and never knew of "discourse". These two entities are very independent - to the point they have separate registrations - and yet they are very symbiotic.

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