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Mon Jun 26 02:22:12 UTC 2017

[quote="pitosalas, post:14, topic:1892"]
A maze is much more fun, good idea. I thought that not using line following but making them think about 2d geometry as they try to do a straight line, using some kind of sensor to find distance to walls might be a little more challenging and interesting. Line following seems too easy or am I thinking about this wrong?
Well, I'd like to see you personally get it done in 3 months with starting with 0 ROS or robotics knowledge ;-)

If you're going to ever do distance sensors, you have 3 options: 
1. The best: laser range finder
2. Close second: 3d cameras (kinect, intel euclid, intel realsense)
3. Last resort: proximity

Given your price range, I'd try and go for #2 if it fits the budget, and don't bother with #3 other than for proof of concept/want people to feel the pain while learning. Actually a combination of them all would be a good way to demonstrate that your algorithms are theoretically bounded by the quality of your sensor data =)

Pito, design the course and what you want to show first. The robot you need will be decided by that. If you are unsure of what the course needs in it/how to go about that, lets take this offline/another thread. I've built many a robots and i think I can help you here with coming to a close on what you need to show the students.

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