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[quote="Martin_Guenther, post:7, topic:5858, full:true"]
the solution is also a very typical solution by automation engineers: Painstakingly re-engineer the environment and the product to solve one specific problem in robotic assembly. Rinse, repeat. This is why automation is prohibitively expensive today.

What is also often done in these cases actually is to use some (passive) compliance. Either make the EEF compliant in such a way that it can deal with positional variation in the environment (ie: hole not in the exact spot) or make the robot control compliant. Various industrial robot OEMs have solutions for this. One example would be Fanuc's *soft float*: it makes the robot compliant in one or more (Cartesian) axes allowing it again to 'cope' with a certain amount of positional variation when needed (of course having a lead-in bolt helps always).

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