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Bence Magyar ros.discourse at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 19:35:58 UTC 2018

If there is anything that you think could/should be added to `ros_control`, please feel free to approach and let's discuss. I think we have been pretty open in the last few years to new controllers and modifications, the only thing that's delaying progress these days is my reduced involvement as I can't commit as much as I used to. 

Anyone around for ROSCon? We should meet up and could even draft up a roadmap.

As for the specific issue about `joint_trajectory_controller`: Streaming and submitting full/partial trajectories at once are somewhat colliding. You could do it but you'd suffer on performance: blending takes a bit of time and changes the beginning of the trajectory slightly for no big gain. A simpler minimum jerk position controller should do a better job there. 

`ros_control` has always kept focus on enabling realtime control for those who need to implement their RobotHW that way, in fact, controller input interfaces don't have to be ROS, could even use any other messaging that provides a better performance/high level interface. An example of this is the Valkyrie from NASA where the `ros_control` layer can be used to use any controller but when they deploy it for complex tasks, IHMC's controller takes care of the whole-body control with higher level interfaces.

Sorry if this post was a bit messy, probably tried to reply to everything at once :)

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