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Sat Jan 20 15:38:57 UTC 2018


I have been working on ROS2 nodes for the Raspberry Pi camera (a.k.a. raspicam) and the AprilTag detector. Both are implemented as components and are therefore composable for intraprocess communication.

I am open for all contributions and also don't mind if the packages get moved to official ros2 groups like `ros2-drivers` or `ros2-perception`.

# Raspberry Pi Camera (raspicam2)


This is a port of the original `raspicam_node` from ROS1.

# AprilTag2 detector (apriltag2_node)


The implementation uses the original apriltag2 library from https://april.eecs.umich.edu/software/apriltag.html. For integration with ament workspaces, I am using a CMake version of this library: https://github.com/christianrauch/apriltag2.

Given the camera parameters, `apriltag2_node` computes the pose of the marker in the camera frame. It also publishes the raw detections (including the quality of the detection for filtering) and therefore depends on `apriltag_msgs` definitions from https://github.com/christianrauch/apriltag_msgs.

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