[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [ROS-Industrial] Using the Motoman SDA20D Dual-arms DX100 ROS Interface(Indigo)

Ted Miller ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 20:59:15 UTC 2018

Based on the wireshark capture, it appears that the robot side is configured correctly. There are three groups and the state appears to be reported correctly (ignoring the velocity data).  I do see that [motion_ready] is false... but I assume that's just because the INIT_ROS job hasn't been started.

Based on the console output above (all_joint_state.positions: 0 == all_joint_names: 7), I'm speculating one of two things. (But, I fully admit that I don't know enough about these two things to speak competently; so this is pure speculation.)
1) Configuration issue with the robot definition.
2) For multi-group systems, I send out a Joint Feedback message for each group individually. Additionally, I send out a Multi-group Joint Feedback that contains all groups in one message. Perhaps this version of the ROS-I doesn't have support for the multi-group message? Maybe it's incorrectly reading the single-group feedback messages?

In regard to the odd velocity output, I'm not sure. The garbage data only appears on the axes which aren't used (group 3 is only a single axis).  So, I think the problem is that I'm not zero-ing the velocity data prior to calling the mpSvsGetVelTrqFb API. It's possible that the API is only filling in the first value for the single axis and then ignoring the rest of the values, which is uninitialized data.

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