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Yuki Nakagawa ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 00:59:56 UTC 2018

I know we should be openminded in any opinion.

I'm Yuki Nakagawa, president and CEO of RT Corp. and trustee of ROSConJP.

I watched ROS since 2009 and our company sell many TurtleBot series in Japan.

I'd like to talk about local activities in local language for ROS as OSS.

Global community of OSS is being grown step by step such as local, global, local and global.

I can say that from my experience that I watched "the rise and fall" and joined so many global activities like RoboCup since 1997, google android developer community since 2008 and so on. 

Localization becomes a big problem when Global OSS activity spreads in each country, as you know.

Local community and activities help to solve these issues.

We, ROSConJP, hope to facilitate such community in Japan.

Especially, almost Japanese engineers are not required to speak in English in their work.

(Of course, depending on company or school.)

Mother tongue supports many engineers to understand deeply if they can touch new idea from global activities.

If you favor to community "must use English only", you can imagine what happens.

I mean that you will eliminate engineers and young engineers' eggs who can not understand English.

I think it's time to step into new stage to bridge beyond language.  

I hope all of you to be "Open" mind. :-)

Thank you.

Yuki Nakagawa

RT Corp.


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