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Wilco Bonestroo ros.discourse at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 11:06:44 UTC 2018

Dear Matt,

Thank you for your response. We also see the agile navigation approach from ROS is appealing for industrial applications. Currently, we are working on applying ROS on industrial mobile robots. We combine a "normal" computer with ROS with an industrial real-time computer for the low level control. We have already demonstrated that the functionality can be realized this way. The next step is to determine how accurate this solution can be. I think that eventually, we should take (part of) the navigation stack to ROS Industrial, to make people aware that navigation is available.

I read the article on MT Connect. I have a "normal" software engineering background (Java, C#, Android etc.) and I am rather new to industrial applications. I was overwhelmed by the number of field bus / bus protocols in use and also the number of standards. To me, this really looks like a big bottleneck for interoperability en development of the whole field.

For the standards, some people pointed in the direction of OPC UA. In a recent (Dutch) article, they mentioned UPC UA TSN as the way to go. To my understanding, MT Connect is more focused on a higher level machine to machine communication and UPC UA TSN could also be used for low-latency and real-time communication. However, I am not sure if this is correct. Overall, do I see the potential of flexible and autonomous mobile robots or cobots servicing and tending a factory and an accepted standard for communication.

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