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Tue Mar 5 23:27:05 UTC 2019

[quote="esteve, post:12, topic:3870"]

Id say those items would make great GitHub tickets.


Cool, sounds good! I've opened some tickets:

* [Improve build integration with cargo #13](https://github.com/esteve/ros2_rust/issues/13)

* [Releasing and Packaging #9](https://github.com/esteve/ros2_rust/issues/9)

* [Outreach with the Rust Community #10](https://github.com/esteve/ros2_rust/issues/10)

* [Improve message generation #11](https://github.com/esteve/ros2_rust/issues/11)

* [Idiomatic API for Rust #12](https://github.com/esteve/ros2_rust/issues/12)

Most aren't as informative as I'd like, but barring any prelmerary dialogue, this is what I came up with.

[quote="esteve, post:12, topic:3870"]

Id love to see more activity in rclrs, but I dont see how a working group and meeting would solve that. rclrs has been opensource for well over a year,


Ok, it's just there hasn't been much rclrs activity 'for well over a year', so I was thinking we could try and organize our efforts a little more. Also, I prefer brainstorming over a call given my typing impairment.


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